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We are excited to share a momentous development in the history of ANS Global - our transformation into Viritopia, launching 31st January 2024. As we approach our 17th year as sector-leaders in living walls, this rebrand represents a significant leap towards a future filled with beautiful, thriving green cities.

Derived from the Latin word for green, 'Viridis,' and inspired by Sir Thomas More's utopian ideals, Viritopia is more than a name change; it's a story of our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. This unique blend of 'Viridis' and 'Utopia' symbolises our vision for a green paradise on earth.

Viritopia envisions a world where city planners, builders, ecologists, and architects work seamlessly to create stunning, sustainable urban environments.

A word from our Managing Director...

"We are thrilled to introduce Viritopia as a testament to our leadership in living walls and our commitment to sustainable urban development," said Richard Silcock, Managing Director at Viritopia. "Our rebrand is more than a visual transformation; it's a declaration of our mission to create green, thriving cities in collaboration with city planners, builders, ecologists, and architects worldwide."

ANS Global rebrand to Viritopia

Our refreshed visual identity, featuring a modern logo and vibrant colour palette, mirrors our dedication to a future where every city becomes a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. While we transition into Viritopia, our focus on providing cutting-edge living wall solutions remains unwavering.

We invite you to join us on this exciting and transformative journey as we continue to lead the sector in living walls. Together, let's contribute to the creation of sustainable, beautiful environments that enhance the quality of life for communities across the globe.

For more information on Viritopia and its pioneering role in living walls, please get in touch.

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